Hvar sea transfers made fast, simple and easy

Want to get there quick? Or is it hard to leave the island and need options?
We do private speedboat and taxi transfer directly to any desired location. Transfers to Split Airport, Split harbor, Trogir, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Brač, Korčula, Makarska, Tisno, Primošten, Zadar, Milna... the list goes on and on to where we can take you.

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Why sea transfer?

Comfort and flexibility is the main advantage of a private sea transfer over the local transport, ferries and catamarans. No stress about planning or luggage handling across several means of transportation. You are picked-up in the time and place of your choice and dropped-off at any desired destination (e.g. port, airport vicinity, fuel station, sailing club, hotel...). Allow Croatian crystal blue sea to surprise you with an unforgettable unique experience. Could you imagine a feeling of a wind in your hair and drops of salty water in the air while enjoying the view of beautiful Croatian coast? Spoil yourself with your very own fully private speedboat.

Difference between sea transfer and public transport?

Sea transfer is an “on demand” taxi service on the water. You choose the pick-up and drop-off times and destinations according to your preferences. Sea transfer is fully private and flexible.

What’s included in the transfer price?

Sea transfer price includes a private speedboat, professional skipper, fuel cost and all other operative expenses for the transport of selected number of passengers and the luggage. There are no extra charges to the online price.

What’s not included in the transfer price?

There are no extra charges. Total price you see is all you will pay.

Does the prices includes the luggage transport?

The price does include the transport of hand luggage for all passengers free of charge.

How affordable is a private sea transfer?

Often, especially for groups a private sea transfer can be the most convenient and affordable option to reach Hvar from Split Airport, Dubrovnik or similar. Taking into account notably shorter travel time and only a single mean of transportation the price difference might be a no brainier. After all having a private boat is considered a luxurious service and an experience that could not be comparable to the local transport by no means. Treat yourself with an added value to your holiday.

Duration of a private sea transfer?

Private sea transfer is the fastest transportation option to reach Hvar from the coast and vice versa. Those high class speedboats are equipped with powerful engines that cannot be outperformed by any of public transportation boats, ferries or catamarans. Additionally taking into account that only loading or unloading times of public boats are approximately 30min, aside not being dropped-off at the nearest desired location you can be sure there is no faster option. If you want to get there fast, avoid queues and use only one mean of transport, sea transfer is the way to go.

Sea transfer: Hvar – Split Airport

Sea transfer is surely the most convenient and time-efficient option for the route Split Airport – Hvar and vice versa. This is due to a fact that the airport is located in the near proximity to the sea what makes it directly accessible to Hvar Island. Closest sea dock Divulje is only 700 meters (0.5mi) from the airport which one could reach simply by foot or ordering a taxi service (we can arrange). By using a private boat transfer you eliminate the necessity of switching between a taxi and bus between Split harbor, traffic, waiting queues and slow local ferry transport. In the end you would probably spend half a day to reach the destination while paying total not much less than the cost of a direct sea transfer. Duration of the sea transfer is usually 60-75min for Split Airport and 45-60min for Split harbor. Have more time to enjoy your holiday!

Sea transfer: Hvar – Dubrovnik

The given price includes a regular 7-8m long boat with 150-200hp engine capable of the sea transfer route Hvar – Dubrovnik and vice versa. On request, even for smaller groups there is an option to pay a surcharge of total 250-300€ for a bigger 300hp boat. Bigger boat is generally more comfortable on the open sea and a bit faster. But both will do a good job for you. In case you wish to do so please contact us directly after the booking. Duration of the sea transfer is usually 3.5-4h directly but often the passengers would request a refreshment on the way, swimming or lunch stop in the town of Korcula, Mljet Island, Peljesac or similar.

Who operates the sea transfer?

We are direct owners of the website and the boats so the transfers are organized and operated exclusively by us. The advantage is that there are no mediation fees and we can guarantee that the boats operating sea transfers from Hvar are in a perfect shape.

Can you have a boat of your choice?

For the purpose of the sea transfer we use the most appropriate boat depending on the number of passengers, distance, weather condition and the boat availability. There is no option to choose the boat specifically in the regular price of a sea transfer service. If you want to choose the specific boat you should consider a renting option. You can rent a desired boat regularly with an additional payment for the skipper and the fuel. If you wish to rent a boat please visit our rental page or contact us directly.

Combining sea transfer and excursion

It’s great idea to combine sea transfer and excursion because you only pay one service with an extra charge for the fuel depending on the planned route and the engine power. It works the same as a renting a boat with skipper. You can rent a desired boat regularly with an additional payment for the skipper and the fuel. If you wish to rent a boat please visit our rental page or contact us directly.

Can I get a discount?

Online price is the lowest it gets unless the larger groups are in question or you inquire for the return transfer too. In those cases please contact us directly. In general the lower prices for the sea transfer directions Split and Split Airport are achieved by choosing off-peak hours 6am- 9am or 6pm-9pm. It’s getting more expensive in the night or rush hours during the day. This is something one might consider to cut down the price. The total price is defined per boat amortization, licensing, skipper cost and other operative costs but the major part goes to the fuel which is enormous for these powerful engines. That’s why the price is thoroughly calculated based on the distance and number of passengers.

How do I book sea transfer?

To confirm a reservation we require a deposit payment of up to 30% total amount upfront. To complete the booking please follow these steps: 1. Choose sea transfer origin and destination; 2. Select the desired date, time and number of passengers; 3. Check the price and click the booking button. You will be now forwarded to secure PayPal payment page in order to complete your booking by paying a deposit. Remaining amount will be charged upon the succeeded sea transfer in cash.


Booking deposit:
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Fuel policy:
IMPORTANT: The booking confirmation will be sent to your Paypal email address. Please ensure to receive our updates regularly.
  • How does it work?

    You will be now forwarded to secure PayPal payment page in order to complete your booking. Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can still make the payment by entering your credit card details.

    Please wait for a confirmation email within the 24h (usually within 1h). In the email you will also receive details about your pick-up location and other important information. If the reservation is not possible you will be fully refunded.

    Make sure to provide a valid email address and contact data. Your reservation will not be valid until a member of our staff contacts you back with the confirmation.

  • Cancellation policy

    The booking deposit can be refunded in the following cases:

    • Full refund applies up to full 14 days prior to the pick-up date.
    • Partial refund up to 50% of the deposit amount is possible within 14 to 2 full days prior to the pick-up date.
    • No refund if the cancellation occurs one entire day prior to the pick-up date or in case of no show-up within the pick-up time (if not arranged otherwise).

    Penalty-free cancellation will be offered at any time prior to the pick-up in case of inability to offer the service due to unfavorable weather conditions or technical/mechanical issues.

  • Pick-up times, locations and rental period durations

    You will receive all the details in the confirmation email from a member of our staff. Usually the boats are picked-up from our location in the harbor (Fabrika bb, Hvar) and cars/scooters are picked-up from our main office (Ul. biskupa Jurja Dubokovica 22, Hvar).

    It's important to show up within the pick-up time (below) to pay the remaining amount of the total reservation price. Otherwise the reservation will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.

    Pick-up times (if not arranged otherwise):
    Boats, Speedboats: 9am - 11am
    Cars, Scooters, Bikes: Flexible (must be arranged in advance)

    Rental period durations (if not arranged otherwise):
    Boats, Speedboats: 9am - 6:30pm
    Cars, Scooters, Bikes: Until 12pm on the same day or total 24hrs (Arrangeable)